Scott Francis

VP of Operations



Scott has a history of IT leadership positions with over twenty years experience as a systems administrator, serving as the IT manager at Moore's Electrical & Mechanical Construction directly before beginning his journey with ITG. That journey started when Scott met Paul at a charity golf event in 2010 and soon after began doing business-to-business leads and referrals between their two work places--Paul at Distributed ITS and Scott/Jeremy at Innovative Electronic Systems.


In 2011, the three businessmen began discussing the idea of merging the two companies and finally launched Integrated Technology Group on July 1, 2012, successfully transitioning their clients and services without issue.


Since beginning ITG, Scott has found that his favorite part of teaching/leading the team is the ability to help so many small to midsize businesses. His passion for customer service, providing the right technology solutions and giving businesses the chance to focus on their business and not technology limitations is very rewarding to him.


Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

"Pitch horseshoes and compete in weekend tournaments, be outside, play golf, hunt, fish."


Favorite Lynchburg/Forest restaurant?

"Neighbor's Place."


Advice for prospective ITG candidates?

"Working at ITG isn't for everyone. If you are motivated to learn, willing to be a true team player and believe that you have the capacity to stretch your IT skills, then you are the candidate we are interested in."

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