Introduction to managed services

With ITG as your managed services provider, you don't have to pause your business' growth to deal with the technology.


Which model is better for your business?


Break/Fix Model


Problem Arises

 You report issue to IT support provider

IT technician is dispatched

to work on problem

(Remotely or on site)

 Technician takes time to

diagnose and resolve problem

You are billed for the tech help

Problems with break/fix model:

  • Uncertainty of when something will break
  • Instability leading to unpredictable budget
  • Lost data due to reactive maintenance
  • Lost time due to systems being down
  • Uncommon goal between you and break-fix provider: your pain is their gain
  • Potential to get billed for the same, recurring problem instead of solving the problem once and for all

Managed Service Model


Problem Arises

 ITG notifies you that we have detected and are addressing problem

 Technician has already begun to repair problem

 Root cause of problem is discovered and resolved

(Remotely or on site)

 Our time/technician is covered by predictable cost of managed services agreement

Benefits of managed service model:

  • Stability in budget due to MSA
  • Enterprise-quality monitoring and support 24/7 from Managed Service Provider
  • Access to entire team of experts and latest technology
  • Monthly, fixed fee that includes support no matter what
  • Proactive maintenance to alleviate downtime

We recommend the managed service model because not only does it allow us to do what we do best, it allows you to do what you do best - manage your business.

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